Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trashed Coachella 2010 Recycle Bin

Trashed Coachella Bin 7

Trashed Coachella Bin 6

Trashed Coachella Bin 2

Trashed Coachella Bin 1

Trashed Coachella Bin 4

Trashed Coachella Bin 5

A recycle bin I painted for Coachella 2010 in partnership with Global Inheritance, out of 1000's of applicants I made it to the top 26!

After a month of work its done, ugh!


Galit said...

Wow! That's incredible!!!
Oh, I wish all the bins in our streets would look like this!!
Street art at its best!

John Will Balsley said...

That's really damn cool and a great idea!

John Will Balsley said...

Wow that's really cool and a great idea. Your art is amazing!

WarholBot said...

thanks john, glad you like my work. I was looking at your webpage I think some of your stuff would do really well on threadless, like the blue on blue design with the ships , it could be an all over print almost a patten.

jsmn said...

so crazy but wonderful idea. certainly more beautiful and clean litter boxes show